Thermal Materials and Systems

Positioning Chile as innovative leader in thermal industry


Heat transfer and thermal storage systems

Solar Metallurgy

Foundations of THEMSYS Initiative


We want to promote in Chile the study of thermal materials and systems to improve processes, reduce costs and facilitate


By analyzing case by case, using computational simulation tools and advanced models.

Then, What does THEMSYS offer?

Service for technical and economics studies of Thermal Materials & Systems.

For Whom

National and international Industry and R&D institutions, that need support for decision making regarding thermal cases. For example on power, mining, building and food industry.

Main activities of THEMSYS

  • Numerical simulations.
  • Validation experiments.
  • Thermal energy transfer and storage analysis from the point of view of energy, mechanical and environmental engineering.
  • Evaluation of technical feasibility for industrial applications.
  • Economic and market studies.
  • Development and evaluation of prototypes.

Industrial colaboration agreements

Engie Lab – Signed agreement

  • Sun Oyster – in progress
  • Solar pumping – Coming soon  in Eco-parque UAI

Codelco LAB – Signed agreement

  • Thermal Lithium Solar Loop test device. Invest. around 2 MMUS$ (others: Abengoa and Rockwood) – Under negotiation.
  • Solar Metallurgy – Coming soon

Sener – Signature of the agreement in progress

  • Solar Metallurgy – Co-generation
  • Others under discution (TES, Lithium, etc).

Rockwood Lithium – Negotiation for colaboration in progress


NEW published paper!

The paper "Encapsulated Nitrates Phase Change Material Selection for Use as Thermal Storage and Heat Transfer Materials at High Temperature in Concentrated Solar Power Plants" written by Gustavo Cáceres, Karina Fullenkamp, Macarena Montané, Krzysztof Naplocha and Anna Dmitruk has been recently published! Congratulations to the authors!

You can access to it in the following link:

ACHIEVEMENT: Most cited paper!!

The paper "Concentrated solar power plants: Review and design methodology" written by Zhang, H.L, Baeyens, J., Degrève, J. and Cáceres, G, has broken all the records in UAI by becoming the most cited ISI article of the University according to SCOPUS.

Seminario THEMSYS Initiative: La importancia de nuestros recursos naturales en la energía térmica

La Facultad de Ingeniería y Ciencias y el Centro UAI Earth invitan al lanzamiento de la nueva iniciativa “THEMSYS” liderada por el profesor de la Facultad de Ingeniería y Ciencias, Gustavo Cáceres, la cual está enfocada en el desarrollo de materiales y sistemas de almacenamiento y transferencia térmica.

Más información aquí:

Ongoing Projects

Solar Metallurgy – Bien Público Estratégico CORFO

“Integración de Tecnología Termosolar en la industria Metalúrgica chilena para mejorar sus ventajas competitivas”

Starting date between November 2016 – December 2016

  • Led by UAI.
  • According to the requirements of thermal processes in the Chilean metallurgical industry, various solar thermal technologies will be studied to consider their integration.
  • The generated information will be disseminated to key actors in both industries: thermal and metallurgical.

Solar Building ACCUSOL International project ERANET – LAC

“Elaboration of the novel cooling/heating system of buildings with the application of photovoltaic cells, solar collectors and heat accumulators”

  • Led by Wrocław University of Science and Technology (Poland) and in collaboration with institutions in Spain, the Dominican Republic and UAI from Chile.
  • Focus: Design of cooling/heating system using solar thermal and PV technology as a source of energy, including analysis of materials for storage and transfer of thermal energy.
  • UAI will perform the simulations for thermal storage materials and a technical-economic analysis of the cooling/heating system.

Sun Oyster

Installation of the solar hybrid prototype for generating electric and thermal energy in the gym of UAI – In collaborative development with Engie Lab (~109 MM CLP)

Encapsulated Thermal Materials

Encapsulated Nitrates PCM to be used as Thermal Storage and Heat Transfer Materials at High Temperature.

  • The project focuses in the thermal and mechanic evaluation of encapsulated phase change materials (PCM) for high temperature thermal energy storage systems. Main materials considered are nitrates as PCM, such as lithium nitrate, and copper for the encapsulation shell.
  • It also aims at improving the performance and economics of thermal storage systems of solar thermal power plants

Technical – economic evaluation of filler TES materials Chilean – German collaboration

Adjudicated by the Ministry of Energy and GIZ (January-June 2017)

  • In the laboratory Fraunhofer ISE (Germany) will be performed the internship entitled: Technical-economic evaluation of new filler materials with lower melting points for single-tank high temperature thermal energy storage system of solar thermal power plants.
  • Different materials for thermal storage will be evaluated, including mixtures with lithium derivatives.

Thermal Storage, Solar Econnomy and Policies – SERC Chile

  • Line 4 (thermal storage of solar energy): Molten salts and applications of thermal lithium in CSP plants.
  • Line 6 (economic, social and regulatory considerations for the development of solar energy): Includes technical-economic aspects of the application of thermal Lithium .


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Thermal Materials & Systems
Positioning Chile as innovative leader in thermal industry