El Doctorado en Ingeniería en Sistemas Complejos (DISC) invita al seminario “Spy Game on Graphs”.


Abstract: We present a generalization of the Eternal Domination Game called the Spy Game. A spy moves at speed s > 1 in a graph in the search of a vertex that is distance at least d+1 from all the guards (speed 1) who want to control him (i.e. assure that there is always at least 1 guard at distance at most d from the spy). The objective is to minimize the number of guards (guard number) while ensuring they can eternally control the spy. We present results in various classes of graphs.

Expone: Fionn McInerney,  Inria Sophia Antipolis.

Lugar: Sala: 236-D  Edificio Talleres Campus UAI Peñalolén. Av. Diagonal Las Torres 2700.

Más información: marco.montalva@uai.cl