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31 octubre, 2018 | 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Seminario Doctorado en Ingeniería de Sistemas Complejos: Success stories where Deep Neural Networks outperform Humans

El Doctorado en Ingeniería en Sistemas Complejos (DISC) invita al seminario: “Success stories where Deep Neural Networks outperform Humans”.

Artificial intelligence (AI), in particular Deep learning (DL), has
since the ImageNet LSVRC-2012 contest established itself as the leading
Machine Learning technique with many commercial applications. This rapid
success of Artificial narrow intelligence (ANI) is due to four factors:
big labelled data, GPU accelerated distributed computing, open source
software, and algorithms. Deep learning has within the last five years
enabled computers to go from worthless to superhuman solution of many
problems, such as skin cancer diagnosis, lip reading, image recognition,
image description, and Go.

However, computers are less power and data efficient. Training of
artificial neural networks (ANNs) in general require thousands, if not
millions, of examples, while humans can learn from a single example. In
my lab, we are currently building smart toys to collect longitudinal
data on how children learn with the aim of creating more data efficient
training methods. I am looking for collaborators and PhD students
interested in participating in our research.

Expone: Dr. Torbjörn Nordling, Assistant Professor Dept. of Mechanical Engineering. National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan)

Lugar: Sala 201D, Edificio D Talleres. Campus Peñalolén UAI. Avenida Diagonal Las Torres 2700, Peñalolén.

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