Mar 2019
Mar 2019

Seminario: Technological approaches for future (waste) water treatment and resource recovery

A group of PhDs and researchers from the sub-department of Environmental Technology at Wageningen University (The Netherlands) is travelling to Chile in March 2019. The objective of this trip is to promote, strengthen and establish relationships that facilitate the transfer of knowledge in the field of sustainable water treatment and water management. We would like to invite you to join this international seminar organized during their visit to Santiago.


9:00 Hrs. Welcome coffee.

9:30 Hrs. Opening: Prof. Dr. Hubb Rijnaarts, ETE; Dr. Claudia Pabón Pereira, FIC-UAI.

9.45 Hrs. Chilean water challenges, Orlando Acosta, CORFO.

10.00 Hrs. Presentations from ETE/Wetsus part 1

  • Technologies for removing micropollutants from water and wastewater, Laura Piai, PhD candidate ETE.
  • Minerals recovery from metallurgical streams- extremophilic bioreduction of sulfur, Adrian  Hidalgo, PhD candidate ETE.
  • Produced water desalination and reuse through electrodialysis, Paulina Sosa, PhD candidate ETE.
  • Spatial strategies for sustainable resource management – A stakeholder based approach, Ilse Voskamp, PhD candidate ETE.

11.00 Hrs. Questions and answers part 1

11.15 Hrs. Presentations from ETE/Wetsus part 2

  • Integration of Urban Agriculture and New Sanitation: opportunities for nutrient cycling, Rosanne Wielemaker, PhD candidate ETE.
  • Designing and developing constructed wetlands as a post treatment technology to treat urban wastewater, Elackiya Sithamparanathan, PhD candidate ETE.
  • Bioelectrochecmical ammonium recovery, Steffen Georg, PhD candidate Wetsus.
  • Electrochemical removal and recovery of phosphorus from wastewater, Yang Lei, PhD candidate ETE.

12.15 Hrs. Questions and answers part 2

12.30 Hrs. Lunch

13.15 Hrs. Presentation of documentary “Algoritmos del Viento” from Fundacion Mar Adentro (optional attendance from participants)

14.00 Hrs. Presentation of Chilean case studies

  • Comparative analysis of emerging technologies for sea water desalinization in low cost integrated operational models, Roberto Abeliuk, M&F Consultores.
  • Biopolymer recovery from next generation aerobic granular sludge systems, Dr. Juan Pablo Pavisich, FIC-UAI.
  • Modeling bubbles in water markets using ABM, Alvaro Hernández, PhD candidate Complex Systems Engineering and Dr. Marcelo Villena, FIC-UAI.

Lugar: Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Sala Entel). Av. Pdte. Errázuriz 3485, Las Condes.

Confirmar asistencia: ecoparque@uai.cl





Mar 2019
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