In modern times, competition and constant innovation are forcing organizations to constantly review their investment decisions in order to increase efficiency in the allocation of resources. At the same time, the increase in information channels and community empowerment require that all investment processes must be approached from a multidisciplinary approach and integrated analysis so that investment decisions not only ensure maximization of financial returns, but also seek to achieve greater economic and social profitability of projects undertaken. Only integrated analysis, along with the complete incorporation of uncertainty and risk analysis ensures that decisions will be made in the most informed way possible, thereby avoiding costs and helping ensure the best use of investment opportunities.

The Certificate in Integrated Project Assessment (CIAP) is a multidisciplinary effort designed to provide its students with a unique and complete understanding of the process of preparation and evaluation of projects from a holistic perspective, which not only includes the traditional approach involving profitability ratios, but also in the same program combines financial, economic, uncertainty, risk and effect on stakeholder analyses.


  • Plan, develop and analyze all aspects related to the preparation and evaluation of investment projects, both private and public
  • Add value through project redesign
  • Understand project financing agreements
  • Devise strategies to address and analyze the interests of stakeholders and parties positively or negatively affected by projects
  • Develop a better understanding for the analysis of models of sustainable public-private partnership


  • Project Modeling and Financial Evaluation Module
  • Project Economic Evaluation Module
  • Distributive Evaluation or Stakeholder Analysis Module.
  • Risk Identification and Risk Analysis Module
  • Applied Cases