Our country needs more and better entrepreneurs who can innovate using advanced technologies and knowledge. The Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship (CTE), as well as providing the necessary tools to help create a start-up, delivers a strong technological component which will allow students to understand and manage technologies in order to grow their business in a sustainable fashion.

The Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez is recognized for delivering excellent academic preparation and helping to train up people with an entrepreneurial spirit. The CTE has professors who combine high academic qualifications in engineering and business with practical experience. The UAI has an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in the form of specialized centers for technology transfer (UAI+D), innovation management (CIET) and entrepreneurship (Garage-UAI) at the disposition of CTE students in order to strengthen their collaborative networks, develop prototype products and services and put them in contact with funding opportunities and business partners.


  • Develop skills to create new technology ventures with high growth potential.
  • Develop skills to manage technology as part of strategy and business models.
  • Identify and manage human, technical and financial resources to create and grow new sustainable businesses.


The curriculum is organized into three quarters from April to January of the following year when courses, workshops and seminars are offered. Subsequently, students carry out their graduation activity during the fourth quarter.

  • Technology Module
  • Management Module
  • Entrepreneurship Module
  • Management Skills Module
  • Series of “Trends” Talks
  • Seminar for Entrepreneurs and/or Industry Cases
  • Graduation Activity