Considering the future challenges facing the country and its industries, the Department of Engineering and Science at the UAI offers the Master’s degree in Project Assessment and Management (MPAM) as a structured alternative that allows for an advanced integration of the following in a single postgraduate degree:

  • Strategic Planning, Competitiveness and Innovation
  • Project Preparation and Evaluation
  • Project Management

Each of these three technical disciplines undoubtedly affects the portfolios of investment projects, and indirectly, competitiveness. However, the traditional academic approach separates the study of each of these areas by analyzing each discipline independently even when the common thread of them all has always been projects. Therefore, other professionals have been specializing in one of these disciplines, but the integration of all these areas in a single professional who can articulate these worlds and visions has been lacking. This is precisely what this Master’s degree will overcome by creating a new type of professional with a holistic view that moves comfortably between the worlds of corporate strategy, portfolios and project programs, as well as design and the integrated assessment of each project in order to finally, in the investment stage, serve as a bridge between those make these projects a reality.


The objectives of the Master’s degree in Project Assessment and Management are to develop the operational skills of participants, so that they are able to:

  • Plan competitive strategy by defining future business and investment objectives.
  • Plan, develop and analyze all aspects related to the preparation and evaluation of investment projects, both private and public. Thus, being able to combine profitability with project risks.
  • Plan the implementation of a portfolio of investment projects, get them up and running, and successfully manage the physical construction of the same.


  • Project economic evaluation module
  • Distributive evaluation or stakeholder analysis module.
  • Stakeholder analysis module
  • Risk identification and risk analysis module
  • Technical skills in 10 PMBOK knowledge areas module.
  • Business skills and personal skills module
  • Management skills module
  • PMI Project Management Professional Certification Exam preparation workshop
  • Graduation activity or applied thesis