The Departments of Engineering and Law at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez have joined together to offer a Master’s degree in Regulation (MRE). The Master’s degree in Regulation provides a multidisciplinary approach that integrates economics, law, technology, business and politics. This innovative approach provides students with a unique opportunity to specialize in the most dynamic areas and those with the most job opportunities in the arena of public policy and in the world of business: economic regulation. The program also allows students to specialize in different sectors, such as, electricity, telecommunications, health services, public works concessions and transportation.


It is expected that at the end of the program students will have the necessary training in order to perform a comprehensive analysis of all the elements that make up economic regulation, to identify their consequences and make appropriate decisions in this regard, taking into account both the perspective of the regulator as well as that of the companies involved.


Year I

Remedial courses

Theoretical foundations

Practical foundations

Year II

Preestablished courses