“Designs and drives real changes that create value for tomorrow.”

The MIE of the Department of Engineering and Science at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez aims to train professionals who want to add to their experience a solid and up-to-date theoretical and practical basis in engineering and management aimed at improving overall performance and skills.

In the program they interact with different applied areas, such as operations management and logistics, technology and innovation, economics and finance, strategic and organizational management, and people.

In the Master’d degree in Industrial Engineering, on-line conferences take place ​​with top professionals with extensive experience in both national and international areas of engineering. Students interact with presenters by means of in-depth analyses of real case studies that complement the knowledge acquired in the program.


  • Train up professionals with an applied focus in matters related to industrial engineering based on future market needs for management and process design, systems and organizations.
  • Consolidate the career of professionals trained in the field of engineering, science or management who are seeking to deepen their knowledge and also acquire key skills to exercise leadership in their organizations.
  • Design and cause changes in processes and organizations that create value in current and future contexts.
  • Lead organizations by integrating high-level knowledge with skills for enhancing work in multidisciplinary teams and maximizing value creation for organizations and actors within their environment.
  • Detect possibilities for entrepreneurial ventures in a changing and complex world, turning them into high-potential opportunities.


The MIE provides a solid conceptual and practical basis in industrial engineering and skills to make things happen with passion and commitment, creating value based on work in collaborative and multidisciplinary teams. Its academic program is structured based on five different tracks:

Operations and Logistics Program Track

  • Modeling and Optimization
  • Operations Management
  • Logistics Management

Economics and Finance Program Track

  • Industrial Organization
  • Accounting and Finance I
  • Financial Management II
  • Project Creation and Evaluation

Strategic and Organizational Management Program Track

  • Trends
  • Strategic Management

Technology and Innovation Program Track

  • Design and Prototyping Workshop
  • Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship Workshop
  • ICTs for Management

People Program Track

  • Strategic Leadership Workshop – Harvard Model
  • Negotiation Workshop
  • Relational Skills Workshops I, II and III
  • Coaching