Executives today are facing increasing complexity in the business world. The problems in the field of Management involve elements from different disciplines and require diagnostic ability and action based on sound knowledge and the search for evidence.

This growing complexity means that to succeed in the labor market it is increasingly necessary to have a more complete and rigorous business vision based on modern management, which includes elements relating to strategy, organizational theory, human behavior, marketing and operations, in addition to the ability to delve into different topics.

The Master in Management Science offered by the Department of Engineering and Science in collaboration with the Business School at the University Adolfo Ibáñez is a program that has been created to meet this need, focusing on providing students with knowledge and skills related to the most relevant topics of modern management.The program seeks to create the ability for deep reflection on these issues by addressing the different criteria involved, for example, economic, ethical, human and strategic.

The hallmark of this program is to provide students with a balance between the latest theoretical developments in management science and their application to concrete problems of the business world.


  • Acquire knowledge and skills on the most relevant topics in the field of modern management based on the study of the most relevant research.
  • By means of a multidisciplinary training process, develop a solid foundation to formally and systematically address complex business problems.
  • Strengthen the ability to identify and solve problems in conditions of uncertainty and incomplete information.

Strengthen in students the ability to perform with excellence in consulting firms, research and development groups in private institutions and public sector organizations as well


Quarter 1. Basics: made up of four (4) compulsory subjects

  • Econometrics
  • Classic Readings in Management
  • Strategic Market Management
  • Modeling and Optimization

Quarter 2.Models: made up of four (4) compulsory subjects

  • Economics
  • Theory of Organizations and Strategy
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Operations Management

Quarter 3. Topics: In this module students must choose two (2) of the four (4) courses on topics offered and take the Research Methodology Workshop or Consulting Workshop.

  • Topics in Finance *
  • Topics in General Management *
  • Topics in Marketing *
  • Topics in Operations *
  • Research Methodology Workshop**
  • Consulting Workshop**

(*) Two (2) of these four (4) courses are selected

(**) One (1) of these two courses is selected

Consulting Workshop

The consulting workshop consists of work applying the skills and tools developed in the course of studies in order to identify, formulate and solve a consulting problem in the business world. This consulting workshop involves enrolling in and taking the Consulting Workshop, which will be led by a professor of the program, and the realization of an applied project over a period of three (3) months in a consulting firm, which must then be submitted to a commission .

Requirements for the Academic Degree

In addition to passing program courses, to obtain the Master’s degree in Management students must complete one of the following degree options:

  • Consulting Workshop.*
  • Comprehensive Examination
  • Master’s Thesis.